Event production


We provide a wide spectrum of technical services and equipment such as :
• Events production,
• Quotation for EU budget,
• Booking organisation,
• Pre and post conference event,
• Sound, video, lighting, multimedia services and equipment,
• Simultaneous interpretation services and equipment,
• Post-production services.


How we work

Our philosophy: if you want to provide a quality service you need skilled professionals but competance and experience, although of utmost importance, are not enough. What you also need is to: work as a team with your client, organize and simplify.

First, you will be in touch with our event poroduction director who will coordinate and manage your project before, during and after your event. He`ll be your main interlocutor. Together, you will identify your needs and approve your budget.

Second, our technical director will submit your demands to our technical professionals taking into account their field of expertise. Then, our team will prepare and write down a global scenic and technical solution project that matches your needs: scenic decors, stage background design and all lighting, audiovisual and multimedia services and equipment for your stage and event, event recording and post-production services. When finished, this project will be sent back to our technical director who will submit it to you for approval along with a global quotation for all services, equipment and VAT taxes.


Third, if our technical project and quotation are approved, our team will start working on the installation and assembling of the stage background, the scenic decors and on the installation and exploitation of all audio-visual technical equipment required for the best course of your event.


Forth, we provide a team of highly qualified audio and video technicians and design specialists for the organization and the carrying out of your event.

We also provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreters and global equipment for simultaneous interpreting. Our conference interpreters are highly qualified and experienced. They are specialized in different areas. Our interpretation service manager ensures that interpreters’ areas of specialization match our clients’ needs.

Finally, “simplify” being our main philosophy, our event production director will be your main interlocutor before, during and after you event. He will coordinate and manage every step of the way.

After the event, only one invoice will be sent to our client.